At Icon Screening, we take pride in the fact that we go beyond "just sending shirts out the door." We invest countless hours and dollars into the best people, equipment, systems, and procedures to deliver not just a printed t-shirt, but a world class product of the highest quality. Not only can we print a standard spot color logo for your new brand or business- We can also produce the most visually stunning photo realistic t-shirts, specialty t-shirts, and embellished t-shirts possible.

We use state of the art M&R, Nuarc, Amscomatic and Epson equipment to deliver the most consistent, and highest quality textile screen printed products.

In the fast paced and demanding world of branded and licensed textile screen printing, the small but noticeable differences in quality and execution are where contracts are won or lost. This is where the Icon Screening difference comes in.

Please visit our gallery to see examples of some of our screen printed t-shirts.

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