Q: Will I get a digital proof?

A: Yes. All orders receive a digital proof, also called a “mock up”. For an additional fee, you can request a photo approval.

Q: What brands do you carry and which brands do you recommend?

A: We have access to all domestically available brands. Our most commonly used brands are: Alstyle, Next Level, Independent, Optima, Delta and Gildan.

Q: Can I supply my own blanks?

A: Yes (Provided they are clean, unwashed and meet our standards for quality.) Alternative minimums may apply.

Q: Do you offer services other than screen printing?

A: Yes. Please see our sticker printing, color separations and other services pages for more information.

Q: Do you keep screens for future orders?

A: No. To ensure the highest quality of prints we re-shoot screens every time we run a job. However, we keep your original films on file for up to one year. Re-orders are only charged a small screen fee of $5 per color.

Q: Do you offer delivery and shipment?

A: Yes, we can ship your order via UPS or Fed Ex. We also offer local delivery via our own trucks (fees may apply based on distance and order size.)

Q: Can you ship my order to multiple locations?

A: Yes. We can split ship orders to multiple locations, as well as full retail store pack out and distribution.

Q: Do you have a minimum?

A: Yes. Due to the many variables of screen printing, we do not have a quantity minimum. However, we do have an order minimum of $200.

Q: How much are set-up fees?

A: Set-up fees are $30 per color ($10 per color for separations, $10 per color for films and $10 per color for screens.) For example, a 10 color print would be $300 for set-up fees.

Q: What is the minimum DPI for hi resolution files?

A: 300 DPI.

Q: How can I send hi resolution files to you?

A: You can attach the file to an email, or if it is very large, you can use an ftp, you send it, drop box, we transfer, google drive, etc.

Q: What is your turn around time?

A: Our standard turn around time is 5-10 business days from the time we receive your final approval.

Q: Can I mix and match shirt and ink colors?

A: Yes, additional charges may apply.

Q: What type of fabric/garments can you print on?

A: We can print on virtually any commercially available garments including: cotton, poly, rayon, spandex, nylon, etc.

Q: What is print ready artwork?

A: Print ready artwork is artwork that needs no re-sizing, editing, color separations, clean up, or any other graphic design or adjustment.

Q: How do rush charges work?

A: Rush charges vary from 10%-50% of your quoted price based on scope of order and urgency of delivery. All rush charges must be quoted on a job by job basis.

Q: What is the standard screen size and what is the jumbo screen size?

A: Standard screen size is 23″x31″ with a maximum image size of 15″x18″. Jumbo screen size is 25″x36″ with a maximum image size of 18″x24″. Additional oversized screens are available with a maximum image size of up to 26″x30″.

Q: Can you print over zippers and/or seams?

A: Yes. Additional fees may apply and this type of printing may result in registration errors and a higher reject/blemish print rate.

Q: How many colors can you print?

A: We can print up to 16 colors.

Q: What is the fee for additional artwork/graphic design?

A: $50/hr with a 1 hour minimum.

Q: What specialty inks/techniques are available?

A: For an additional fee we offer: metallic, glitter, glow in the dark, reflective, high density, puff, gel, liquid silver, shimmer, and a wide range of foils.

Q: Are re-orders less expensive?

A: Yes. Set-up fees are only $10 per color instead of $30 per color. However, your print price will still be based on quantity.

Q: Do you offer lines of credit?

A: Yes. Lines of credit may be granted based on review of your company’s financial statement and credit rating. All lines of credit must be secured with a personal guarantee.

Q: How can I pay?

A: We accept check, cash, cashiers check, bank wire transfer, Amex, Visa and MasterCard. We do not accept Paypal.

Q: Can you fold and poly bag my order?

A: Yes. We offer a full range of retail ready finishing including: individual folding, price ticketing, hang tagging, poly bagging, hangering and pick and pack store distribution.

Q: Can I keep my screens?

A: No. Screens are property of Icon Screening. Your screen fee is for screen usage. We do not sell screens. However, you may request to keep your films.

Q: How do I prep files?

A: For spot color or vector jobs, create the job in Adobe Illustrator and label all colors clearly in the swatch pallet. For rasterized or photo real art, create in Adobe Photoshop and use layers whenever possible for color selection and editing options.

Q: What type of files should I send?

A: Adobe Illustrator art files can be sent as .ai, .pdf or .eps format. Adobe Photoshop files should always be sent as .psd as this format has the highest compression options, and will take up the least amount of space. Large files can be sent via ftp, you send it, drop box, we transfer, google drive, etc.

Q: What are your other graphic design capabilities?

A: Any ideas that are well explained and ideally have reference art materials and/or logos, can be created from concept to final screen print. Typically, a thumbnail comp is sent for your approval and then a full color mock up once the thumbnail is approved.